announces Museum Quality SDL39 for HO scale

Here’s a preview look at’s coming HO-scale Museum Quality SDL39 diesel locomotive. announces Museum Quality SDL39 for HO scale

HO debuts its second Museum Quality release. The company launched with the innovative Museum Quality Union Pacific “Big Blow” turbine locomotive and now adds another selection for this premium series.

The Milwaukee Road’s SDL39 will join’s Museum Quality series. The Milwaukee Road needed a special version locomotive for branch lines with weight concerns for bridges. Electro-Motive Division (EMD) responded with this unique SDL39 that saw 10 units produced exclusively for The Milwaukee Road.

ABOVE: Easily one of EMD’s most unique second generation diesels was the 10 SDL39s build for The Milwaukee Road. Milwaukee’s 582 sits between jobs as Minneapolis, Minn., in February 1973.  — J. David Ingles photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

The model will include expanded lighting features and enhanced details and decoration in the locomotive’s cab, and much more. The first production will provide as-delivered Milwaukee Road examples covering first and second production variations. Soo Line “bandit” patched SDL39s will appear in three road numbers with paint variations and detail variations accurately reproduced. Wisconsin Central acquired SDL39s and will provide two versions of the road’s livery (cream band and Dulux Gold band) with accurate features, including ditch lights. Chilean Fepasa SDL39s will also be produced with interesting and uncommon details.

The first release is planned for December 2021 delivery. Museum Quality SDL39s are available now for reservation with standard DC (DCC ready) releases and SDL39s with DCC and ESU sound.


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This article was posted on: January 30, 2021