announces “Tarp Top” Container for HO announces “Tarp Top” Container for HO

HO ScaleIntroduced in the late 1990s, “tarp top” containers were standard-height 40-foot steel corrugated examples with the a removable canvas top. The open top design allowed for hauling oversize and bulky cargo that would not fit through the end access doors. will bring this interesting 40-foot container to its Operator series with a fully assembled reproduction based on 1990s design with simulated canvas tarp top. The model will include eight squared vertical nose corrugations, 42 angled side-wall corrugations, cored-through Inter-Box Connector or IBC corner castings, 0-3-0-style doors, and four separately applied door locking rods with latches. states this new model will be stackable with most other brands of similar 40-foot containers and chassis models. This tarp top container will fits the bottom well of 40-foot well cars, including the hobby company’s Rivet Counter PS-Trinity Backpacker double stack five-unit well car.

The first release will present Cosco, Hapag-Lloyd, and Zim decorated examples with three numbers for each name. You will also find an undecorated tarp top container planned for release.


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This article was posted on: June 6, 2021