announces Thrall/Trinity coil car in HO scale announces Thrall/Trinity coil car in HO scale

HO will expand its Rivet Counter line in HO scale with the arrival of an all-new coil car model. Based on a Thrall/Trinity prototype, this popular steel hauler first entered service on North American railroads in the mid-1990s. will produce three body styles for its new Rivet Counter 42-foot coil car model.

The original mid-1990s prototypes came from freight car builder Thrall and will produce that version and two more recent versions based on Trinity-built examples. In addition to the trio of body styles, will produce six hood styles. Each of these protective coverings will be removable from the high-quality model. Inside the coil car itself, you’ll find an intricate reproduction of the car’s wood floor angled base and multiple steel coil loads.

ScaleTrains Coil Car

The first group of road names will include Canadian Pacific, Chicago Heights Terminal Transfer, Conrail (“Coil Shield 2” scheme), CSX (“Boxcar” logo), Indiana Harbor Belt, and Norfolk Southern (“Protect III” scheme).

ScaleTrains Coil Car

This all-new coil car model will come fully assembled and will feature factory-applied metal grab irons, coupler cut levers, and trailine hoses. The underbody will include intricate brake and airline plumbing. The model will ride on accurately profiled .110-inch tread 36-inch metal wheels mounted in all-new ASF 100-ton truck sideframes. The model will include proper weight for excel-lent performance, and will come equipped with knuckle couplers.

Check online for additional details and to make your reservation for this 42-foot coil car model. plans to deliver this new Rivet Counter freight car model by early 2020.

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This article was posted on: August 21, 2019