Seaboard Coast Line set from Circus City Deals in N scale

Seaboard Coast Line 349 is an example of GE’s baby U-Boat, the U18B. The little four-axle diesel is shown with two mates shuffling cars at Taft, Fl., in 1984. — Bill McBride photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

Seaboard Coast Line set from Circus City Deals in N scale

N scale

Circus City Decals offers a Seaboard Coast Line GE Lettering Set (SCL 160-00) for $9.99 with multi-color graphics for custom paint and lettering work on N-scale General Electric (GE) diesel locomotive models.

ABOVE: This sheet of waterslide decals includes lettering in silver, yellow with black SCL heralds, white pilot chevrons, yellow pinstripes, and more to decorate Seaboard Coast Line N-scale GE diesel locomotives.

Seaboard Coast Line’s roster was a diverse mix of motive power. The road was the 1967 product of Atlantic Coast Line and Seaboard Air Line merging together. The black livery with yellow striping was the road’s scheme from the late 1960s in the 1970s with units surviving in this look into the CSX era of the 1980s. The roster included Alco, Electro-Motive Division, and General Electric road power. From GE, Seaboard Coast Line could boast early U25C models and the builder’s uncommon U18B baby U-Boat.

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This article was posted on: April 5, 2021