SoundTraxx’s new N-scale Tsunami 2 kit

SoundTraxx introduces a Tsunami 2 kit for easy conversion to DCC and sound features for several Kato N-scale diesel locomotive models.

SoundTraxx’s new N-scale Tsunami 2 kit

N scaleSoundtraxx introduces its TSU-KN1 unit designed for simple installation into a variety of Kato N-scale locomotive models. The kit provides SoundTraxx’s Tsunami 2 TSU-KN1 decoder, the manufacturer’s first for N scale, with a “Mini-Cube 3” speaker and baffle, speaker wire, Kapton tape, and two “sunny white” LEDs.

ABOVE: SoundTraxx designed its new Tsunami 2 TSU-KN1 unit to fit several examples of Kato N-scale motive power. Among Kato models that this new SoundTraxx release will work include the company’s F-units (pictured), E-units, F40PH, PA-1/PB-1, and P42 diesel locomotives. The kit includes replacement LEDs for the model’s lights for a resistor-free install project.

The decoder measures 55 x 13.8 x 3.2 mm and will replace the existing board residing on the top of Kato’s mechanism. When installed this system provided Digital Command Control and digital sound output with the ability to reproduce a wide variety of prime movers, bells, horns, and more. The decoder includes four function outputs for lighting effects.



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This article was posted on: December 10, 2020