Union Pacific 3-pack announced for Micro-Trains’ 60-foot high cube

Trailer Train’s yellow RailBox livery was first for this 60-foot boxcar model. Micro-Trains will add this contemporary Union Pacific look in a set of three models due in May 2021.

Union Pacific 3-pack announced for Micro-Trains’ 60-foot high cube

N scaleMicro-Trains will deliver in May a set of three of its recently introduced 60-foot high-cube boxcar models decorated for Union Pacific (UP).
The set will include contemporary Union Pacific livery with brown body featuring white lettering and small multicolor shield herald.

The model presents a rib-side excess-height boxcar with twin insulated doors providing a wide 12-foot opening for loading and unloading cargo. This “Plate F” car will come fully assembled and will ride on 36-inch metal wheels. The models will feature correct ride height characteristics and include body-mounted knuckle couplers. The set retails for $134.95.

This recent addition to Micro-Trains collection of N-scale rolling stock has a video produced by the manufacturer showing the development process in creating this release:

Micro-Trains Line Co.




Look for a review of this Micro-Trains release in a coming edition of Model Railroad News!


This article was posted on: December 2, 2020