1964 Dodge 330s from Sylvan Scale Models

ABOVE: The debut group of 1964 Dodge 330 automobile kits include standard sedans in two- and four-door models, as well as taxi and police kits.

1964 Dodge 330s from Sylvan Scale Models

HO scale – Sylvan Scale Models offers several kits to build HO-scale models of 1964 Dodge 330 automobiles. The releases include two-door and four-door sedans, and four-door Dodge 330s with details for taxi and police service.

According to information on the website Old Ride, Dodge’s standard-size autos for 1964 included this 330, plus a 440, and Polara. The front-end look (side-by-side headlights, turn indicators located in the bumper corners, and full-width grille) was new for this model year. Dodge’s 330 was nearly 210 inches and rode on a 119-inch wheelbase for the two- and four-door models. A new Dodge 330 set you back from $2,300 to $2,700 depending on body style and options. Dodge sold more than 76,000 examples of its various 330 automobiles for the 1964 model.

Sylvan Scale Models offers its Dodge 330 kits for $13.95 each for its two-door sedan (V-280), four-door sedan (V-281) offerings.

The 1964 Dodge 330 four-door police cruiser (V-283) and four-door taxi model (V-282) retail for $14.95 each.

You can view Sylvan Scale Models complete line by visiting the manufacturer’s website. The website also includes a dealer listing for finding your local source.

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This article was posted on: September 10, 2020