“The Canadian” in N scale from Rapido Trains

ABOVE: Canadian Pacific’s “The Canadian” is near Shepard, Alberta on what looks like a cold January day in 1978. –Kevin EuDaly collection

“The Canadian” in N scale from Rapido Trains

N scale – Canadian Pacific’s (CP) streamliner The Canadian will ride N-scale rails thanks to a series of releases coming from Rapido Trains. The prototype for this collection of N-scale passenger car models went into service in the spring of 1955. Operating over CP’s system from Montreal and Toronto in the east to Vancouver in the west, The Canadian offered a first-class way to journey across Canada.

ABOVE: The as-delivered look for Canadian Pacific’s 1955 stainless steel equipment purchased for The Canadian presented this look with maroon bands and gold lettering.

The 1955 equipment came from famed passenger car builder Budd and gave Canadian Pacific a sleek stainless steel fleet of cars. The train’s consist included “Skyline” dome cars and “Park”-series dome-observation cars as highlights for passengers. Rapido Trains will offer 10-car sets for its N-scale The Canadian passenger train. Those sets will provide a 600-series baggage, a pair of 100-series coach/chair cars, a 500-series “Skyline” dome, diner, two “Chateau” and two “Manor” sleeping cars, and a “Park” dome-observation.

ABOVE: Rounding out The Canadian was a Budd-built “Park”-series dome-observation car. This illustration shows Rapido Trains’ later era CP Rail livery with Action Red band.

These impressive N-scale passenger cars will be offered in 3- and 10-car sets, as well as single add-on cars to expand and build consists. Rapido Trains promises accurate fluting profile for the exteriors of these plastic models presented with stainless steel finish. You’ll find full interior detail with track-powered interior illumination and operating marker lights on “Park”-series dome-observation cars (DC and DCC compatible).

ABOVE: VIA Rail Canada offerings will include the blue-and-yellow livery that came with the system’s late 1970s start, plus contemporary rebuilds such as this “Glacier Park” illustration.

In 1978, Canadian Pacific’s passenger service was handed over to VIA Rail Canada. Rapido Trains will produce accurate examples of these cars as they appeared following a rebuilding and return to service for VIA Rail Canada.

ABOVE: Here’s a preview of an early example of Rapido’s “Park”-series dome-observation car model coming to N scale.

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This article was posted on: September 12, 2020