Thomas & Friends’ Daisy in HO and James in N are coming from Bachmann

Among coming additions to Bachmann’s line of “Thomas & Friends” releases, Doug Blaine shares a look at an early test sample for the all-new N-scale “James the Red Engine” due in the near future.

Thomas & Friends’ Daisy in HO and James in N are coming from Bachmann

HO ScaleN scaleBachmann’s Doug Blaine joined TrainWorld‘s Ken Bianco, Jr., and Model Railroad News editor Tony Cook for a live streaming event on Feburary 18, 2021 to discuss new and coming items for the hobby manufacturer’s “Thomas & Friends” collection. This licensed line of products includes releases across several scales, including HO scale (including a recent line of narrow gauge offerings that are sized for HO or 1:87 and operate on regular N scale track), Large scale, newly introduced N scale models.

ABOVE: Here’s Jackson Sobeck, who will join with his father to present a look at the first group of Bachmann N-scale “Thomas & Friends” releases in Model Railroad News, doing some field research for his review.

Watch for a review in May 2021’s Model Railroad News by father-and-son team Justin and Jackson Sobeck on the first “Thomas & Friends” releases in N scale from Bachmann. The Sobeck’s will present Thomas the Tank Engine (58791) and Percy the Small Engine (58792), along with coach models Annie (76094) and Clarbel (76095), plus the Troublesome Trucks (77096 and 77097) and new tank cars introduced for the line.

ABOVE: This is Bachmann’s HO-scale “James the Red Engine” release, this model and “Toby the Tram Engine” will be two new additions to the company’s N-scale locomotive offerings for “Thomas & Friends.”

In the new 2021 Bachmann Trains Catalog, you can view the coming additions to the line of “Thomas & Friends” for N scale, which will include James the Red Engine (58793), Toby the Tram Engine (58794) and new rolling stock releases: S.C. Ruffy (77092), Oil Tank (77093), Fuel Tank (77094), and Water Tank (77095).

Bachmann’s ever growing “Thomas & Friends” line in HO scale has a recently introduced “Deluxe Thomas & The Troublesome Trucks” set (00760), which comes with everything you need to get starting in model railroading, including oval of snap-together E-Z Track, handheld speed controller with plug-in wiring and power supply… no tools necessary… and a snap-together Quarry Tower structure.

New and coming Thomas the Tank Engine replicas include a DCC “Sound on Board” (58501) with moving eyes and factory-installed Digital Command Control decoder and sound unit (compatible with all HO-scale DCC-equipped model railroading items), the green as-delivered to the Island of Sodor Thomas the Tank Engine with “LBSC” markings and carrying the “70” road number (58739), there’s also a DCC “Sound on Board” Percy the Small Engine (58502).

James releases in HO scale number three with the eye-catching “James the Red Engine” (58743), “Busy Bee James” (58821), and “Origin James” (58822), which presents this famous friend of Thomas as he looked when he came to the Island of Sodor decked out in black with red piping.

Other locomotive offerings in HO scale from Bachmann include “Grumpy Diesel” (58818), a red “Rosie” (58819), and coming to the collection “Daisy” (58820) with moving eyes and “Ryan” (58823), also with moving eyes. Watch TrainWorld’s Big Virtual Event with Doug Blaine of Bachmann to get a peek at an early version of the “Daisy” tooling…

Visit Bachmann online to view the new catalog and see the complete line of model trains, including “Thomas & Friends” releases.

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You’ll read the rest of this review in a coming edition of Model Railroad News!


This article was posted on: February 19, 2021