Atlas introduces Code 100 Customline Mark V turnouts

Atlas introduces its Mark V collection of turnouts with several options, including this No. 6 Left Hand (393) offering.

Atlas introduces Code 100 Customline Mark V turnouts

HO ScaleStephan Schaffan, Jr. and his Atlas Model Railroad Co. made its name in the hobby with quality track releases. The company offered switch kits in the 1930s, followed by fiber tie flex track, and more innovations. Atlas introduced its Customline turnouts in the 1950s. This ready-made track item made building a layout much easier with switches that were pre-built and ready to place on one’s railroad. Anyone that’s built a model railroad has likely used Atlas Model Railroad Co. track releases.

ABOVE: This vintage blue-backed package shows a 1970s era example of a Mark II #6 Right turnout with Code 100 brass rails and injection-molded plastic ties.

The company continued to innovate its line of hobby products and the turnouts were no exception. Customline releases began receiving “Mark” identification as new versions saw introduction to the market. The first revised turnouts came branded Mark II series. Atlas subsequently brought to market Mark III and Mark IV offerings with additional features and improvements.

In recent years, as Mark IV releases were approaching two decades on the market, Atlas began a project to again enhance and improve its line. The result is the new Customline Mark V offerings arriving for spring 2021 release. For two years, the Atlas Product Development team and designers set goals and parameters for this next-level turnout offering. The new Mark V offerings feature tighter tolerances throughout the turnout, better detail on guardrails and spike heads, and easier method to power the frog (if desired).

ABOVE: This is Atlas’ new Code 100 Customline Mark V No. 4 turnout in its Left Hand (391) configuration. A Right Hand No. 4 (392) is also available.

To maintain a compatible appearance with popular and existing Atlas track releases, these new Mark V items maintain tie size and color and rail match existing Code 100 track geometry. For these new turnouts, guardrails are separate parts… allowing for correct rail shaped profile and molded in a hue to represent weathered rail. Test shots on the new Mark V Code 100 offerings went back and forth between the Atlas team and its factory. The line is now in production and Atlas expects to ship initial Code 100 Customline Mark V turnouts in March 2021. The releases reside in the company’s 390 stock number series.

ABOVE: This is Atlas’ Code 100 Customline Mark V Wye Turnout (390).

You’ll find the company’s new HO-scale Code 100 Customline Mark V offerings and its complete line of N, HO, O, and Z track and accessories featured in the new 2021 Atlas All-Scales Track & Accessories Catalog (0104). This publication, with more than 140 pages, will be available for $4.95 in March from your authorized Atlas dealer or direct from the manufacturer’s website. You may view the complete line of products by visiting Atlas Model Railroad Co. online.

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This article was posted on: February 11, 2021