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Union Pacific Heritage Coil Cars: from The N Scale Enthusiast

Produced by Atlas for this special release, The N Scale Enthusiast’s Union Pacific Heritage Coil Car set includes seven fully assembled coil car models.

Union Pacific Heritage Coil Cars: from The N Scale Enthusiast

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by Shane T. Mason

A recent entry in The N Scale Enthusiast’s Union Pacific Heritage line arrived after a three-year wait and if you were lucky enough to obtain a set, they are definitely worth the extra time it took for delivery. This N-scale coil car set was scheduled to be released in late 2018 but encountered production delays. Seeing this set for the first time makes it all worth the wait.

The N Scale Enthusiast is an organization for 1:160 modelers to connect and share projects and work. The group usually has a large annual convention with prototype and model events throughout a week of activities ending with a large show. The group also has a Special Run Department that creates designs and unique tooling variations for rolling stock and locomotive models featuring unusual decoration or details not offered by manufacturers. In the early 2000s, Union Pacific painted seven of its newest Electro-Motive Division SD70ACe diesel locomotives to honor the past mergers that made up the road today. These units have been all over North America wearing these tribute paint schemes. Over the last few years, The N Scale Enthusiast has been applying these schemes to several models (beyond the prototype SD70s).

The N Scale Enthusiast Union Pacific Heritage Coil Car set is packed with seven Atlas Model Railroad Co. coil cars featuring updated tooling from the latest production run and unique paintwork inspired by the railroad’s heritage fleet. The coil cars are equipped with body-mounted couplers, blackened metal wheels, removable coil cover with weight inside the hood, detailed car interior, and extensive separately applied detail parts.

The N scale Enthusiast has knocked this set out of the park again with its Union Pacific Heritage paints executed well on a good-looking set of Atlas-made coil cars. This set is a must have for any collector or fan. This set was essentially sold out as it arrived in early 2021. Collectors need to pay close attention to release announcements from The N Scale Enthusiast, so you don’t miss out on adding neat sets like this one to your roster and collection. The N Scale Enthusiast publishes its Members Magazine six times a year. Between this periodical and the website, you can keep up to date and learn about their special projects.

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This article was posted on: May 14, 2021