Woodland’s Utility System and Substation

Woodland’s Substation is a detailed replica of the relay equipment used in supplying electrical power. Now you can include this feature on your miniature empire in HO, N, and O.

Woodland’s Utility System and Substation

HO Scale O Scale N scaleWoodland’s Utility System provides a prewired collection of utility poles that you pull from the package and place on your layout, eliminating tedious time spent threading power lines across and through poles.

Woodland offers double-crossbar poles designed to reproduce communication lines (for use along a railroad right of way) and single-crossbar poles for residential and commercial needs following your roads through your towns and cities.
The poles are available in HO, N, and O in the two mentioned styles. Woodland offers a Transformer Connection Set for use between poles and the separately sold Substation release.

ABOVE: You can recreate realism of this level on your model railroad with the products offered by Woodland. The telephone poles shown are from the recent Utility System releases.

Woodland’s Substation (available in HO, N, and O scale) includes everything necessary to create a power grid relay location for your model railroad. The hand-painted and detailed structures include insulators, cables, and other fine details. The release comes with a control building and signage (fencing shown below is available separately from Woodland). Visit the company’s website to see more about these items.

ABOVE: The new Woodland Scenics series of Utility System releases provide reproductions of common prototypes. Here’s a power sub-station in central Illinois that is similar to what is offered by Woodland in HO, N, and O. — Tony Cook photo



Wisconsin-native Kevin Marks will review Woodland Scenics’ O-scale Utility System releases in a coming edition of Model Railroad News. Kevin’s modeling interest includes O-scale traction prototypes and he enjoys building his own trackwork with FastTracks system.

This article was posted on: May 24, 2021