Atlas Alco enhancements from KV Models

You can take KV Models’ Alco RS-11 Detail Set and enhance the appearance of Atlas’ HO-scale Classic-series diesel locomotive model (stock version shown). The sheet of etched-metal details sells for less than $15 and includes several finely detailed parts for this four-axle Alco model.

Atlas Alco enhancements from KV Models

HO Scale

KV Models offers its Alco RS-11 Details (KV-322H) release with several items presented in finely detailed etched metal. The release is designed to enhance the appearance of Atlas’ HO-scale RS-11 diesel locomotive model. This HO reproduction of this 1950s Alco first appeared in the 1980s as a Kato-made offering imported by Atlas. Since the 2000s, Atlas has offered a revised RS-11 in the manufacturer’s Classic series. This newer version swaps out molded-on grab irons for separately applied details and includes separate parts on the front and rear pilot. The plastic body shell remains largely the same tooling and what this KV Models kit will do is provide you with improvements for screens on the hood and other details.

The sheet includes aftercooler piping, aftercooler screens, side intake screens, exhaust stack screen, handbrake wheel, and lift rings. You can go farther with your project and add KV Models’ KV-317H kit with radiator and screen fan details. This Alco RS-11 Details kits sells direct from KV Models for $14.95. You can purchase this and other detail items online from the company. For more information on this RS-11 detail release, you can view KV Models’ instruction sheet for this offering on the company website.

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This article was posted on: August 26, 2021