Rapido Trains announces definitive HO-scale Northeastern Design Caboose

This attractive green with yellow Reading illustration shows one of several Northeastern Design Caboose models announced for HO scale by Rapido Trains.

Rapido Trains announces definitive HO-scale Northeastern Design Caboose

HO ScaleReading is credited with helping make the well-known Northeastern Design Caboose a reality. Constructed in the early 1920s, the first examples took a USRA plan and swapped out wood sheathing for sides with riveted steel. This style waycar with center cupola became a standard for railroads across the northeastern U.S. and other locations.

ABOVE: This illustration provides a glimpse at the details planned for Rapido Trains coming Northeastern Design Caboose in HO scale.

Rapido Trains will tackle this classic prototype with a model that will come with multiple cupola roofs, two- and three-tread steps, varying end details (three styles: solid with no windows, single window, and double window), multiple running boards (Integral diamond-tread and Allan Wood versions), smoke jacks, and more. The interior will include illumination and the model will ride on turned metal wheels with one of three (Andrews, Birdsboro, or Taylor) truck sideframes with Kadee 158 metal knuckle couplers. Additional variations for this model will include a standard side design and a version matching Lehigh Valley’s style with rain gutters over the windows. The accurate underframe will reproduce the look of a Duryea cushion arrangement.

ABOVE: You’ll find paint and lettering variations among road names and every version promised to present accurate details from cupola to trucks on this new Northeastern Design Caboose from Rapido Trains.

The first production will include Central Railroad of New Jersey (red Liberty scheme and Coast Guard scheme with white center band), Conrail, Lehigh & New England, Lehigh Valley (Tuscan Red and “Black Diamond” scheme with yellow stripe), Reading (red with white lettering and green with yellow), and Western Maryland (red “Fast Freight” scheme, speed lettering style, and Chessie System livery). Multiple road numbers are planned for each livery and each will accurately represent its prototype.

This model will deliver fully assembled and carries a $99.95 suggested retail price. Visit Rapido Trains online to view additional images and find out more about the prototype and this first production of HO-scale Northeastern Design Caboose models.

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This article was posted on: March 29, 2021